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MANIFESTING with Sausha Davis

May 28, 2020

Today I'm speaking with Jacob LeClair, a husband, dad to three young kids, and a tire shop manager in small-town Iowa.

He tells us what it was like for him as a kid growing up in a "normal family" with his mom, dad, and older brother, and what it was like when his parents divorced due to his mom coming out as gay.

He also talks about what his life and relationships with his parents are like now a few years later, after both of his parents have moved on with their new spouses and he has started a family of his own. 

Overall, Jacob has chosen to approach his family's situation with openness, honesty, a sense of humor, and love for both of his parents. Through it all, he learned that he should never be afraid to be himself and that everyone can benefit from not taking life so seriously.

Jacob is grateful to now be raising his own children with the firsthand experience of gay relationships being just as normal as heterosexual ones.

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