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MANIFESTING with Sausha Davis

Jul 23, 2020

Today I'm sharing some manifestation truth.

Earlier, I was talking with my friend/colleague/employee about manifestation and the law of attraction. I feel like a lot of people don't believe that these practices really work, so I feel called to debunk some common myths that I have heard about them.

First of all, just because you think about something does not mean that it will actually come true. Your energetic vibration has to match what you are desiring in your life. To win the lottery, your vibration has to match that of a lottery winner. Every single thought we have vibrates at a certain frequency. A lot of times when you think about what you want, certain "stories" or resistance come up too. If you think that you want to win the lottery, but deep down you feel like you don't deserve or are not worthy of actually winning the lottery, your thoughts will not vibrate at the frequency of a lottery winner. You will not be a vibrational match for winning the lottery!

You must take baby steps when it comes to manifestation. You must choose better feeling thoughts that come easily to you. For example, let's say that you want five new clients this month. Part of you doesn't know that it's possible and part thinks that you're really going to have to hustle and work hard to get those five clients. This doubt and hustling will not put you in the right vibrational frequency to attract those clients. If the biggest amount of clients you've ever had is three, then jumping right into wanting five clients might be too big of a leap for you depending on where you are at. So if five clients sounds too daunting for you, try aiming for four. Take baby steps. Let it be easy.

When you meditate, work on releasing any resistance you have around what you want to manifest. Instead of going into your meditation thinking, "I want five clients, I want five clients, I want five clients," over and over, just set your intentions and release your expectations. Why? Because sometimes the more we want something the more we push it away! Release and receive instead!

So work on releasing any resistance you feel around what you are wanting to manifest. Focus on feeling good and more good will come to you. When you feel good, you will vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore will manifest a higher frequency reality. 

So I'll break down the manifestation process now:

1. Think of what you want.

2. Think of why you want that thing.

3. Ask yourself, "How will it make you feel once I have it?"

4. Ask yourself, "How can I feel that way right now in this moment?"

5. Release all resistance and blocks that you feel in response to what you want.

6. Feel into what it will be like once you have that thing, and it will come to you!

And always remember that true happiness comes from within. Whatever you may manifest into your life, always realize that true happiness comes from within YOU!

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