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MANIFESTING with Sausha Davis

Aug 28, 2018

Hey badasses! Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I talk about my experience on craving freedom in my life. I craved every type of freedom there was! I realized that leaving my corporate job to be a mom, wife, and business owner was the right move for me. Yes, it was scary but it was so worth it! 

I get to inspire women like yourself EVERY DAY! I get to live life on my own terms. I don't let someone else place a value on my time. I am the boss of my life. I decide what I want to do or don't want to do. It's a pretty incredible feeling and I want to share with you how I did it so you can do that same thin in YOUR life!

I truly hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoy telling my stories. I get a little choked up at the end because one women in particular really touched my heart the other day. She made me realize that my dream is coming true in an even bigger way than I had imagined. If I can do it, so can you! 

If you want MORE of me, I encourage you to follow me on social media or APPLY to one of my 1:1 Coaching Programs. I would love to work with you to get you closer to your DREAMS. 

Now go be a BADASS and live that BOLD life!

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