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Oct 5, 2020

Words cannot describe how incredibly amazing this weekend was! 😭😭

My first ever co-hosted (with Jordan Wavra) Mind, Body, Spirit Retreat in the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota was everything we dreamed of and more!

The women showed up for themselves in ways that brought tears to my eyes daily. It was beautiful to see everyone come together and really hold space for each other to heal.

I wasn't sure that it was possible for someone's life to change in 3 days, but now I can 100% say that it is! ✨

As I sit here and reflect, I'd like to walk you guys through what the retreat was like for me and for the women who attended. Of course, words can't do a magical experience like this total justice - it's a feeling and a truly remarkable experience - but I'll do my best!

I picked up Jordan from the airport on Wednesday and together we drove to the Black Hills and prepped for the retreat. Thursday was our welcome day when the rest of the women arrived to our amazing luxury lodge. Some of these women knew each other ahead of time and some came not knowing anyone else. 

On Thursday night we had a full moon ceremony around a bonfire and shared our life stories with one another. On Friday we woke up, practiced yoga, meditated, journaled, and had breakfast together. Then we went on a beautiful hike and talked with each other more about our lives. We also visited a nearby crystals shop and everyone found something there that resonated with them. We rounded out the rest of the day with more delicious food, deep conversation, energy healing, and enjoyed the lodge's heated pool and steam room!

On Saturday, one of the women led us in a yoga practice and it was perfect in every way. Then we did more energy work, talked about health and nutrition, and cooked healthy meals together as a group.

It's hard to describe all of the magic that happened during the retreat. The women were all so open, real, and raw, and I know that many transformations took place. We talked about the things that nobody talks about and we shed tears in a way that felt safe and calming. And of course, there was a lot of laughter along the way. ❤️❤️

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