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MANIFESTING with Sausha Davis

Jan 26, 2021

Want to hear a shocking statistic?
On average, kids smile 400 times a day. They take deep belly breaths. They move their bodies constantly and use functional movement throughout the day. They follow their natural rhythms - eating when they're hungry, going to bed when they're tired, etc.
Us adults, on the other hand, smile less than 50 times a day on average. We tend to take shallow breaths. We're mostly inactive and have forgotten the most functional ways to use our bodies. We go against our natural rhythms - eating way more than we need to, not resting when we're tired, etc.
And then we wonder why most adults are chronically stressed, anxious, and unhealthy. We've gotten so far away from the basics that we've forgotten how to be human. We don't know how to feel joy - or many emotions at all!
What if we all decide to have a little more fun in life? What if we start taking care of ourselves and our bodies? What if we decide to feel GOOD?
Remember, when we feel good we attract more good into our lives. When we feel good, we vibrate at a higher frequency, and then we bring more high vibe things into our realities. 
Listen in for my ideas on how we can feel better on a regular basis - just like we should!
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